Lenard Whiting, Canadian tenor
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Lenard as Educator
Lenard as Conductor

Lenard's critical acclaim

"And how excellent was tenor Lenard Whiting? His various contributions exceeded perfection. All on his own, he descended from an incredibly difficult high note, to make a gorgeous phrase of See, now he sleepeth."
Kitchener-Waterloo Record review of Elijah with the Menno Singers

"Tenor Lenard Whiting was vocally and dramatically superb as the Magician."
Opera Canada review of The Consul with Opera Anonymous

"Only Don Jose had the musical opportunity to match her passion, and Whiting did so brilliantly. His desperation at the end was terrifying as his voice cracked in pain and displayed an anguish I have rarely heard even in the best of productions
Opera Canada review of Carmen with Maritime Concert Opera

"Lenard Whiting was a complete Pinkerton-simpering, oblivious and exceedingly easy to dislike as he initially lusts after and then destroys."
Opera Canada review of Madama Butterfly with Maritime Concert Opera

"For his part, tenor Lenard Whiting (the Prince) gave an impassioned and lyrical performance, displaying solid vocal technique and fine musicianship--no small feat, as he had replaced an ailing colleague and learned the entire role in less than three weeks."
Opera Canada review of Rusalka for Opera in Concert

"Tenor Lenard Whiting and mezzo Melinda Delorme were particularly effective in their portrayal of the conflict between Florence Nightingale and an army doctor from Rolfe's Florence, The Lady with the Lamp."
Opera Canada review of Opera in Concert Gala

"His diction is wonderful, and one could sense his character's passion Opera Canada Review of Frankenstein with TrypTych Concert and Opera